Bohol holidays tourist travel guide

Hotels and Resort

Bohol already has a large number of hotels, resorts, pension houses, tourist inns and other facitilites for tourists. Most of these are concentrated in the capital and along the beaches and costal regions of Panglao island. A few more are scattered around the island. Accommodations are hospital, safe and affordable. 

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Alejawan Beach

Though its sand and pebbles are brown, the water does not get murky. The sea bottom very gently slopes to the deep making it a child-friendly beach. The beach has a wide level ground, which can hold expansion and development. The area is about two hundred meters from the highway.

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Eating Out and Nightlife

Much of the excitement of dining in Bohol lies not in the usual restaurant fare. The dampa sytle of choosing your own selection of food from the local wet market and letting the local chef cook them home-style will be your best bet for an affordable yet extremely sumptuous option to savour excellent seafood. A wide range of the freshest catch is available daily.

These can be grilled right off the hook for an instant native gourmet treat, with the ever-popular San Miguel Beer to help wash down your meal. Most of the nightlife is found along the beaches of Panglao island, where the majority of tourists prefer to stay. There are only a few cluibs and bars in Tagbilaran City, as Bohol remains more of a family destination.

Brief Description

Scenic Bohol cast as a spell on visitors drawn to this oval-shaped island – from the Chocolate Hills to the Tarsier, from 16th century watchtowers to Baroque Jesuit mission churches, from the Loboc River to Tagbilaran City itself. Add to these are palm-fringed coastlines that are blessed with a myriad of white sandy beaches and sheltering coves. And of course, the ever-smiling, ever-friendly Boholano! Bohol in a nutshell is a little bith of Cebu, Palawan and Boracay rolled into one – Cebu for its rich history and Spanish heritage; Palawan for its lush flora andunusal fauna; and Boracay for its white sandy beaches and resort atmosphere. But make no mistake – Bohol has a unique local flavour unseen in any other part of the Philippines. Throw these all into the mix, and you have one great holiday destination.

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Getting There

Major Airport Gateway: Tagbilaran City Airport (TAG), the capital of the province of Bohol.

Air Transport: Several domestic carriers fly daily to Tagbilaran from Manila (MNL). It’s an hour and 15 minutes away.

Water Transport: Numerous passenger ferries and fast craft services are available from Manila, Cebu and Dumaguete to Tagbilaran and other ports of Bohol. Tagbilaran is a regular stop-over point for vessels headed for Cagayan de Oro, Butuan and other cities in Northern Mindanao.

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Cathedral Cave

The Cathedral is a wall dive with a depth of 45 metres, with big overhangs, ledges and gaps. Inside the cave, the light reflection is stunning with yellow bucket sponges and colorful sea fans along the overhangs. Barracudas, sergeant fish, pyramid butterfly fish and angelfish are among the species found close to the walls.

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